Light in the darkness!

Just a beautiful,beautiful thought. ❤

ashimabinny's Blog

I am falling
in the depth
Its beautiful
and blue
I see small fishes
yellow ,red and golden
giggling and singing
happy and alive
Ah !those white oysters
I can see the pearls
shiny and white.

I want to stop
stay in here
but I am falling free
in-spite of my resistance.
I am howling and screaming
but my echo is getting lost
in the depth.
I am sinking
I try to hold on
but no ones around.

Its dark in here .
I see those big fishes
with the grin on there faces
moving towards me.
I am screaming louder
but can’t hear
even my own voice.
I can’t feel
am getting numb
limbs are freezing
and I sink in that depth ,
depth of darkness surrounding me.

I am probably dead
but wait
I see its bright
a hand reaching out .
am I in heaven?
Is that…

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