Just Erin.

Lights are something that seems to attract living things. And just as moths fly toward a candle or a lantern on a summer night, humans seem just as hypnotized by the beauty that is light.

Last week, my senior class took a trip to New York City. Being from a tiny town in Ohio, it all was a little overwhelming. But as we would ride in the bus to the hotel after a long day, I couldn’t help but become speechless by the sight outside of my window seat.

City lights, completely illuminating the thick night. Street lights, traffic lights, headlights, billboards, screens, signs… like a human-made sky on the ground, full of stars.

I loved it.

But then to look at the actual sky, and see utter nothingness. No noticeable moon. No stars. Just black.

When we returned home on Saturday night, the stars seemed to resurface, confident as…

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