Distance? Separation?

It’s been 11 days since a friend of mine, let’s call her Cheyenne, moved to another city.
I am still not sure how I actually feel about this.
Although the feeling can be generally categorized under Sadness. Not the kind when you miss a movie you like. But the kind they call profound. Yes. Profound Sadness is what I feel. Maybe.

We all have that one person, right?
The one you hate and love at the same time….Yes? Yes, that’s Cheyenne.

We have had our ups and down (mostly downs) but we were still each other’s go-to people. I knew she was gonna move. I had known this for more than a year. And I never believed she would actually leave.
Correction, I never wanted to believe that she will.

When she did, finally, move, exactly 11 days back, I completely refused to acknowledge that any change would take place.

But here I am, less than 2 weeks later, telling the world that I really cared for Cheyenne.


There are hundreds of thousands of Ethans and Cheyennes out there right now, at this very instance.
The Ethan is in denial. The Cheyenne is leaving.
The Ethan wants her to not go. The Cheyenne wants him to say it.
The Ethan desperately cares. The Cheyenne just needs to see.

Not that there won’t be any distance between them  if he told her all of this.

But, you know, they won’t separate if he told her this.

Distance and Separation are two very different things.

Distance is between people.

Separation is between hearts.

This is life.
People will come and they will leave.
They’ll move to new places and meet new people.
There will always be something, someone, between you and that person.

But you know what?
It all depends on you.
It depends on you to not let them be alone.
It depends on you to keep you fucking ego aside and make it work with them no matter whose fault it is.

You know why?
Because separation sucks.
Because losing people is not worth your ego.
Because by the time you realize how bad you need them, it’s too late.

It all depends on you

A piece of advice?

If you care about them,

don’t let them go easy.


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