“We live in a beautiful world”
-Chris Martin; Don’t Panic

I believed all the Chris Martin said, when I first heard this song. But as the days pass by, I’m starting to see the ruse. A “beautiful world” is nothing but an illusion. To play us. 
The world is a dirty, disgusting place with just two kinds of people. The bad and tormenting. And. The good and tormented.

Look around you. All you see is people. People with stories and memories and desires and fetishes and kinks and perks and problems and experiences and lessons and broken hearts and pains, People with places to go to and with places already gone to. People with knowledge and people seeking it.  People with love to give and people with love to take.
But you know what, there are people with hatred and revenge and blood-lust and the worst part, they outweigh the good.

You think you know them, the people around you?
You don’t.

You think they’ve bared it all out with you?
They haven’t. Neither have you.

You think you’re whole their life and they are yours?
You aren’t.

Because we all have secrets.

We all have that world that is truly only ours.

And in that world, we are what we truly are.


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