New Day?

I’m awake.

I’ve come to realizations that come after a fitful sleep on a dark, damp, desolate night.

I’ve realized something about love. Love is to be never thrown away because on dark, damp, desolate nights, a little love is all you need.

I’ve realized something about hate. Hate is a powerful thing. It can be only overcome with love. But the love has to be powerful enough.

I’ve realized something about the past. The past has the power to hurt you. And no matter how much you regret your decisions, choices, actions, they’ll always be them.

I’ve realized something about us too.
It’ll never be the same.
We’ll never be that close ever again.
Because that was the past.
All there is now is the present.

I haven’t been sleeping.

But I’m awake.

I’m wide awake.


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