Welcome to the Dark Side

What would you give to hear them speak again?
The people who left. The people who were made to leave. The people who had to.
What you give to hear the ghosts speak again?
What do you think they’d tell you?

See, what I know is that ghosts only have questions.
Why? When? How? What could have been?
And even though it might not be obvious, questions can prick.
Like barbed wire.
They seem harmless enough from afar.
Entangle with them. Struggle and…..And they will leave your body bloody and your soul bruised.

Is that a skeleton in your closet?
Don’t shut your closet. Open it. Let it out . Lead it far away.
But don’t indulge in conversation with your past. It’ll give you memories.
Tender, loving memories.
They’re not bad. But to a bruised soul, they’re not soothing. They’re troubling.

Is that a demon under your bed?
Don’t you know under the bed is just the back of the head?
Touch it. Feeeel it course through you conscience. Let it glide through your mind. Soooaaaaaaar.
Demons just give you clarity. They make you see. The obvious.
That ghosts lead to questions and skeletons lead to memories and both these things are not good for you.
Hug your demons goodnight.

Hug them.
And you actually might sleep.
Trapped in the graveyard of your mind.
With ghosts and skeletons.
Demons might help you sleep.
Rest, your tormented mind.
Your bruised soul.
Your all-consuming conscience.



  1. A Confused Soul · November 26, 2015

    This is so much my thinking… Actually we all need this, what you’ve written… but we just don’t let go of things.. we’re not ready to forget and face..!! But we MUST.

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