Three Images

How many of you are there?

If you say one, you’re lying.

If you say two, you’re fortunate. You know you. And everyone else knows. And you both know different people. It’s okay.

Three, is still okay. You are a different self alone. A different one around the ones you love. And yet another different person around everyone else. It is okay.

It’s here that it gets tricky.
It’s difficult to keep track after three. Switching in and out of a role.
Like playing multiple characters in a play.
Everything depends on you.

If it’s a good performance, they’ll never know.
If it’s bad one, they’ll call you strange. They’ll shun you. Brand you an outcast.

Don’t let there be more than three of you. You’ll lose yourself. You’ll search for the true you. Walking through your holograms and walking into your reflections. All this looking at yourself, while looking for yourself.

Don’t let there be less than three of you. Three is just right.
Be yourself when you’re with yourself.
Be a person who the world would like when you’re with the world.
The person you love, the one who loves you, will see through these. And what you’ll have will be the perfect you.

Be three.


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