Do you feel lonely?
Not alone. Lonely.
Do you feel like a singular being in a sea of souls that does not belong?
Like a misshapen puzzle piece, just hanging around, hoping to find a place to fit in on a complete picture?
Some day, it’ll make sense, yeah?
Some day, it’s going to happen.
That day, you’re going to not stay in bed hours after sleep leaves your eyes.
That day, you’re going to wake up with a smile and smile, you will, all day.
That day, you will look at people and see friends and not a crowd.
That day, you will feel more than that sinking sensation in your stomach.
That day, you will sing and sing not to escape the silence, but because you’re at peace.
That day, you will know normalcy.
That day, you will not go to sleep with a tear stained pillow and a heavy heart.

That day.

Some day, the whirlwind of sadness in your soul, in your very being, will give way to a gentle breeze of joy.

Until then.



One comment

  1. erabynameera · April 1, 2016

    Wow what a beautiful read, I must say 🙂

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